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Test « visiting an old lady »

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A)      Compréhension globale. Ecoutez une première fois le texte en entier.

Type of document :

a)       A dialogue between members of a family.

b)       An Interview.

c)       A documentary.

Le thème :

a)       Immigration and the Statue of Liberty.

b)       The visit of the Empire State Building.

c)        A visit to an old lady in New York.

B) Compréhension détaillée.

1)       Ecoutez le texte deux fois et relever dix mots clés (ou expressions) qui vous paraissent importants.

2) How many people are there? JUSTIFY.

a)       two

b)       three

c)        four

The son is interested in:

a)       The Statue.

b)       Immigration in America.

c)        Birds .

d)       Fishes.

The son is:

a)       listening to his Dad.

b)       talking about other things.

c)        angry at his Dad because he doesn’t want to listen to him.

The father is:

a)       slightly annoyed because his son doesn’t want to listen.

b)       full of admiration when he mentions the Statue.

c)        very interested in birds.

d)       indifferent.

How did the first immigrants feel and react when they saw the harbour of New York?

Give two answers.

What would the son like to be later?

JUSTIFY from the text.

Evaluation comprehension orale A2/B1 Validation
Je peux identifier le type de document. A2 0    5
Je peux identifier le thème du document. A2 0    5
Je peux repérer et prendre en notes des mots clés. A2 0  3 5 7 10
Je peux saisir l’essentiel d’un dialogue. A2 0 1 2 3 4 5
Je peux comprendre les sentiments et les réactions des personnages. B1 0 1 2 3 4 5

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