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Correction du test : empty sky

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1)      The singer’s name is Bruce Springsteen. His album is called ‘the Rising”. He wrote the album after the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 as a way of “healing” a traumatized country, as a tribute (hommage) to America.

2)      Empty Sky/good/evil/an eye for an eye/a kiss/ you used to be/ barely breathe/ blood/

3) a) “I could barely breathe” because of all the dust after the attacks+ because he was horrified.

“ Just an empty impression in the bed where you used to be.” The woman he loves is not in his bed anymore: she died in the terrorist attacks.

“ I want an eye for an eye”. He is full of hatred/hate and he wants his revenge.

“ Empty” sky: the sky is empty because the Towers have collapsed/ vanished. A symbol of America has vanished.

b) The crying Eagle symbolizes America who is mourning (porter le deuil, pleurer)all the people who died in the terrorist attacks.

c) There’s a clear opposition, a religious opposition between good and evil. The Good is symbolized by America, the firemen fighting and dying to save people. The Evil represents the terrorists, and more generally the Muslim world.

d) His vision of America is a black and white vision: he loves America, which is a powerful country that has been deeply touched but that will “rise again” and recover. It’s a patriotic vision.

e) The most striking scene is when the two rays of lights are going up to the sky as a tribute to the World Trade Center and the people who died/ Or when we can see the graveyard with all the names of those who died.

!!!!!! “ Just an empty impression in the bed where you used to be.”

“ Used to” est une forme du préterit qui fait reference à quelque chose qui existait avant mais qui n’existe plus. Il exprime une nette coupure passé/présent. Il est suivi de to + infinitif :

EX : She used to live in New-York (but she doesn’t anymore))

Did she use to live in New-York?

She didn’t use to live in New-York.

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