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Test empty sky (vidéo Bruce Springsteen) + correction

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1) What’s the name of the singer?

What’s the name of his album?

When and why did he write this album?

2) Listen to the song once again and write eight important words.

3) Listen again twice and answer these questions:

a) “ I could barely breathe”: Why?

“just an empty impression in the bed where you used to be.” What does the singer mean? Explain the structure.

“ I want an eye for an eye”: What does the singer mean?

Explain the title: “empty sky”.

b) What does the eagle crying symbolize?

c) ” I cut my bow from the wood, of this tree of evil, of this tree of good”. How do you understand this opposition between good/evil?

d) What is the singer’s vision of America?

e) What is the most striking scene, according to you?

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