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Texte à compléter  » The stolen generation ».

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YouTube – The Stolen generation

The stolen generation: LISTEN and WATCH. Complete the missing words.

The removal of _____________children from their families and traditional _______began in the late 1800’s. They continued until the late ____________ and___________. The children who were removed from their homes and families during this ______________ became known as the “_____________    _______________ “ The removal of children affected almost every indigenous family at the time and has had a deep _______________ on Aborigines to this very day. The denial of _________________with family and friends meant that the children ________________ many years of love, affection, _________________and education of their indigenous heritage. The family of the child also felt great ________________ and loss because the child was ________   ________ with them. Many of the stolen generation children _____________   _________ confused about their identity. This let many children unsure of their place in _________________.

+ Vocabulary, « the first Australians »



Verbs Nouns Adjectives and adverbs
To gather= rassembler ou (ici) cueillir, récolter.

Aborigines= les Aborigènes.

To set foot= débarquer, arriver.

To drive somebody from= chasser qn de…

To herd= rassembler (s’emploie en général pour des troupeaux…implique que les Aborigènes étaient maltraités et méprisés)

To bring up= élever.

To become aware= prendre conscience de…

To grant= accorder.

Settlers= les colonisateurs

Beliefs= croyances.

The earth= la terre

Rock= rocher, pierre.

The ground= le sol.

Caterpillars= chenilles.

The Rainbow serpent= le serpent Arc- en- ciel.

Gaps= des creux, des trous.

The Outback= immense région déserte et peu peuplée d’Australie.

At the bottom of the social ladder = en bas de l’échelle sociale.

Rates= des taux, des pourcentages.

Aboriginal (aborigènes, adj)

Unlike= contrairement à

Flat= plat

Featureless= sans forme

Dreadful= terrible.

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