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London video questions

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1) Watch the video and number the sites as you see them.

Tate Modern Gallery: n°

Shaftsbury Avenue: n°

St Paul’s Cathefral: n°

The Swiss Re Building: n°

Columbia Road: n°

The Houses of Parliament: n°

Covent Garden: n°

The Millenium Bridge: n°

Big Ben: n°

The London Eye: n°

The River Thames: n°

Spitalfield MArket:

Regent Street: n°

Brick lane: n°

Westminster Abbey: n°

2) Which is which? Watch the video again and answer the riddles:

a) The river in London is called_____________

b) All the kings and queens of England have been crowned here: _____________________

c) It is famous for its flower market: ________________________

d) They are the best streets for shopping, especially if you like fashion and designers: __________________

e) It is 135 metres high, and the highest observation heel in the world!______________

f) There are 50 theatres in this avenue. _____________________________

g) It has been the home of British government since Medieval Times: _______________________

h) It links St Paul’s Cathedral to the Tate Modern. ______________________________

i) There are lots of Indian restaurants in this street: ____________________________

j) Its name comes from the huge bell inside it._________________________

k) It looks like a gherkin, which is its nickname.__________________________

l) You can buy fresh food in this East End market. _____________________________YouTube – Visit Britain Podcast – London

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