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English crime stories/making assumptions.

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We can see a dead woman lying on the floor in a flat.

It may be in the evening/at dusk/ or very early early in the morning because if we look through the window, it’s dark.

It must take place in a big city because there are high buildings outside.

In the flat, there are some plants. There ar also paintings or posters on the wall.

The woman looks young, about 25. She’s got long blond curly hair and sh’es wearing jeans and a green pullover.

Next to her, we can see a pair of scissors so I guess/ in my opinion she may/might have been stabbed with the scissors.

But next to her, there’s also a glass of red wine so she might have been poisoned.

There are two glasses, so someone must have been with her. That merson must have murdered her.

There may have been a quarrel, and a fight.

Or the murder might have been planned….


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