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The Gates Foundation

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Here is the correction of the homework from October 12th for those of you who missed class……..

1.  Make a brief summary of the text .  This text is about the Gates Foundation.  First we are presented with some information about its goal/aim.  We learn that the foundation was created to improve people’s lives/global health.  This foundation is also meant to make public access to technology easier.  After, information is given about where the foundation is based ( Seattle, Washington) and the date of its creation (January 2000) finally there are figures about its endowment -$24 billon which is a huge amount of money. It implies that the Gates Foundation is very charitable, as a result we are led to believe that Microsoft is a high minded /disinterested corporation.

2.  Say where the photo was taken.  Justify. We can’t be sure but the photo looks like it was taken in India.  Except for the man in the blue shirt the others seem to be Indian.  The woman who is smiling has a red dot/bindi on her forehead which is typical of Indian women.

3. What is the name of the man in the picture?  What is he doing? What for? The man is well known, his name is Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft.  He seems to be putting something in the child’s mouth.  Bill seems satisfied with what he’s doing.  The text tells us that the Gates Foundation is involved in sharing advances in health, so since the boy has his mouth wide open we can imagine Bill’s administering an oral vaccine, probably part of a vaccination campaign.  The woman must be a doctor/physician/nurse and this is probably a free clinic/hospital.  Vaccination campaigns by means of tablets/pills/injections/shots prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

4. What is the aim of the photo? If we look carefully, we can see Bill has a small microphone clipped to his shirt. He’s probably making a short video promoting his foundation.  He is showing that he is kind, caring, and supportive.  Thanks to his foundation, Bill Gates gives Microsoft a positive image.  His company has been accused of monopolizing the software market – negative publicity.  By getting personally involved in humanitarian campaigns he hopes to change its image.

Study the tool box on page 17

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