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Nabil Shaban, listen… prejudices.

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Build up, listen

I don’t want your pity, I want your job !!

Livre p. 77+ listen.

Talking about prejudices.

1)       Answer the questions.

a)       What is the man’s name ?

b)      Who is he?

c)       How long has he had brittle bone disease?

d)      What’s his job?

2)       Are these assertions true or false? JUSTIFY:

a)       Nabil is very poor.

b)      When he was young, he believed he would be able to walk again.

c)       He didn’t believe in Jesus.

d)      The doctor told him he would be an able-bodied person at 16.

e)       He never had any dreams concerning his future career.

f)        A teacher had a great influence in his life.

g)       He never accepted his handicap.

3)       When he was sixteen, what happened? What did his teacher say?

4)       Imagine how he MUST HAVE FELT after the incident. Make assumptions. (suppositions) using he might have…he may have…he must have…

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