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Far from Heaven, trace écrite.

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Après le visionnement du film « far from heaven », critique de film à faire.

Auparavant, étude des 4 premières séquences.


Far from heaven


Credits :

–          Title

–          The cast, main actors :

–          Music :  scary  full of suspense  melancholy  romantic.

–          So the film may be  a comedy  a romance  a thriller  a drama

–          What can you see in the credits, what colour is mainly represented?

The opening sequence:

–          The place is seen through  a high angle shot.   a low angle shot  a close up.

–          When does the scene take place?

–          Place, setting?

–          Social class?  working class  wealthy middle class  upper class

Elements which justify your answer?

–          Names of the characters?

3rd sequence:

1)      Write what she says to

a)      her kids: ____________________________________________________________________

b)      Her husband: _________________________________________________________


c) The maid: ________________________________________________________________________

c)      Her husband _________________________________________________________

2)      So, describe Cathy in four words.

3)      The conversation with the woman:

a) Pick out the words that indicate the woman’s job: —————————————————    So, she is a —————————–  .

b) Pick out the words describing Cathy’s duties.:————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

c) What is her husband’s job:

d) Mr and Mrs Whitaker’s nickname?

e)  Mr Whitaker’s firm?

4th sequence: the Black man’s arrival.


a)      How does Cathy react at first when she sees the man? Give two adjectives.


b)      And then? What is the tone of her voice? Describe her attitude while talking with the Black man?

c)      What sad news is he telling her? How does she react?

1.      What is going to happen next, according to you?

2.      Now, analyse=, How was the role of the women defined in the fifties? What were they expected to do? (ce que les gens attendaient d’elle). Compare with NOW.

3.      Finally, watch the film until the end. At home, make a review (critique) of the film. Summarize it, say what is striking, if you liked it or not, why, talk about the actors….

CORRECTION, trace écrite

Far from heaven (2002)



Intro : Credits + sequence 1

Credits : This film, entitled «  far from heaven » and whose director is Todd Haynes, stars Julianne Moore and Dennis Haysbert. Judging by/given the clothes, it must take place in the 1950’s in yhe USA.

The first scene:

It shows a large comfortable house which is located in a beautiful suburban area. Given their house, the car and the Black maid, we may guess that they belong to the wealthy middle-class. At the time, the car was an important social symbol.

The characters who are shown are a family of two children called the Whitakers. The children’s names are Janice and David. The maid is called Sybil (she is called by her first name)

They seem to have a pleasant way of life, which reflects their social success.

= They stand for/symbolize the perfect and typical way of life (that) everyone dreamt of in the 1950’s.

After World War 2, wealthy people tended to move in rich suburbs.

C 16, commenter un document.

Film maker= film director.

To star,

To cast

The credits

The setting

We may guess, assume… might, may, must..

Judging by, given + nom= étant donné que.

To stand for= to embody= to represent.

Riche= wealthy,= well-off= well-to-do

Lower- class, middle- class, upper- class…

Sequence 3: In the morning.

A housewife: Cathy Whitaker goes shopping. Then, she takes care of the children: “ Have a good day at school”. She is a stereotyped loving mother.

To Mr Whitaker: “ You’re going to have a piece of toast.”

“ Can I at least fix you a lunch?”

“ I’m just glad you’re feeling better dear.”

She’s a supportive wife who pays attention to her family’s well-being. She’s thoughtful and considerate towards her husband whose mood she worries about, and whom/that she cooks for. She is devoted to her family;

Besides, she is tidy and neatly dressed, with both a smart dress and an apron, which shows that she is both a pretty wife and a mother. She’s also polite and courteous.

Finally, we can see that all the colours are bright and flashy, representing joy, but maybe also something superficial.

Her visitors are a photographer and Mrs Leacock. A photographer takes photos of them.

“She said she had an appointment with you”

“ I suppose I still can’t imagine why you want an interview with someone like me in the first place.” The woman seems to be a journalist.

“ You are the proud wife of a successful sales executives “

“ Thank you, I’m very flattered, but my life is like any other wife and mother’s. In fact I think I have never wanted anything else.”

They have come to interview her because she embodies perfection. She is proud of her husband whose success she is part of. She has to give a good image of a happy family to advertise for the company (that) her husband works for.

V 22= Feelings and personality.

Thoughtful of= considerate towards.

Loving, supportive

Polite, courteous ≠ rude

Fix a lunch / prepare a lunch

To be tidy, smart, neatly dressed…

To do one’s hair.

GR 14: les pronoms relatifs.

–          Sujet :

Antécédent personne:

The characters who are shown here….

Antécédent chose:

It shows a big house which is located in the suburbs…

–          Complément:

Antécédent personne: whom, that, absence d’article.

The family whom/that/(  ) we see belongs to the middle-class.

That’s the life (that) everybody dreamed/dreamt of in the 50’s.

Antécédent chose: (that)

That’s the life (that) everybody dreamed/dreamt of in the 50’s.

The Black man in the garden: REACTION.

At first, she is worried when she sees a stranger in the garden, especially as he is Black. She immediately thinks he could be a burglar.

Mrs Leacock reacts in the same way and advises her to call the police.

When she goes out, she steps back fearfully when the man walks forward. THEN she is reassured when she learns the man is the gardener. He announces her that his father died, which she didn’t know since he was just an employee…

She sympathizes for a second and leaves him …. S

–          Complément du nom, possession.

Cathy, whose husband has succeeded. ( = dont)

!!!! WHICH peut reprendre la proposition entière:

She is well-dressed, which shows she is both a perfect mother and wife.

Well-kept= bien entretenu.

Step back= reculer


+ narrow-minded≠ open-minded


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