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TEST seconde « a deadly itinerary through London »

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A deadly itinerary through London.


A)  Lisez le texte une fois rapidement. Le texte est-il descriptif, argumentatif, narratif? De quel type de focalisation s’agit-il (interne, externe, narrateur omniscient ?)

B) Guess the following words thanks to the context:

a)     strangled (l. 10)

b)    shared (l. 14)

c)     wrapped (l. 18)

d)    Frost (l. 25)

e)     On her own (l. 27)

f)      Odd, awkward (l. 33)

C) L 42: the sky had cleared, the moon had come out. Quel est le temps utilisé, pourquoi?

D)Who is Jeremy? What has he done in a mews off York Street? When did it happen?

E) Pick out the VERBAL GROUPS expressing Jeremy’s movement.


– the place

– the time of day and time of year.

– The weather. (Is it changing? Why?)

– The characters present and mentioned.

– What happens in this passage.

JUSTIFY using the text.

G) What is going to happen according to you? Make four assumptions using may, might….

H) What is Jeremy comparing himself to at the end? Which impression does it convey? (faire passer, suggérer)

I) Imagine the sequel (la suite) of the text in about ten lines. Use the past simple and the past continuous.

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