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Embrace life commercial

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Embrace life.

A) Watch until 20 seconds.

1)      Look at the first part : how many characters are there ? What’s their relationship?

2)      How do they look?

3)      What is the man doing?

4)      According to you, what’s going to happen next?

Use may, might…..

B) Now watch until 37 seconds.

1) How do they look now?

2) What is happening?

3) What are the woman and the girl going to do?

C) Look at the last part:

1)      What are they doing? What does it mean?

2)      How do they look at the end?

D) Going further:

1)      Look at the girl: what is she wearing? What does it mean, according to you?

2)      Do you think the ad is effective, why?

3)      Did you like this ad?

YouTube – Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt – sms2life.com

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