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Dead Poets’ society, let’s watch the movie.

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Dead Poet’s society.

A) Visionner la dernière scène du film.

1)       Answer the questions

a)       Who can you see in the room ?

b)       Where does the scene take place?

c)        How are the characters dressed?

d)       How does the old teacher look?

2)       Who’s coming next?

How is the old teacher talking to him? Can you guess why?

3)       How does the blond-haired boy look (Mr Anderson) ?

What is he doing when the teacher is heading to the door?

4)       What happens then? How do you understand the boys’ attitude?

5)       According to you, what happened before?

B) Answer the following questions about the film.

Time and space.

1. Where and when does the first scene take place ?

2. What sort of school is it ?

3. What are the values on which education is based ?

4. How should the students feel ? Why?

5. Do the students go home every week-end? Why ?

6. What do they have in common ?

7. What is the symbol of the candle ?

8. What can you guess about the education the students get?

C) Troisième séance: Mr. Keating’s lesson.

Objectifs linguistiques :

It’s the first time ( they have been asked to …..)

They are not used to ( calling a teacher ……)

When they are…..

1. Phase de reactivation

What are the differences between Mr Keating’s lesson and the other lessons?

2. Etude du nouvel extrait

Visionnement de l’extrait:

a)       Watch the film and make a list of what Mr Keating does in his first lesson.

b)       How do the students feel / react ? Why ?

2. Etude de la deuxième partie du cours de Mr. Keating

A nouveau on visionne la scène . On pourra procéder par étapes:

1. Expliquer pourquoi Mr Keating demande à ses élèves de l’appeler « Captain O my Captain »

2.a) He makes fun of their names. Why ?

b) How do the students react when Keating asks Pitts to read the first stanza of the poem ?

3. Etude du poème

a) What is the symbolism of “rosebuds”

b) What are young girls advised to do ?

c) Why ? What will happen tomorrow ?

NOW watch the rest of the film.

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