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Graham from Inverness, Scotland

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Graham from Inverness Scotland makes his special fried breakfast grahams video
first he stabs the pork and leek sausage
he cooks them first because they’re the longest to cook
he cooks the black pudding with the skin so it won’t fall into bits
he stirs the sausages so they won’t burn
he stacks the sausages,bacon and black pudding to make room for the eggs
he uses a wee bit of butter because it tastes better
he covers the food with the lid to keep it warm

5 senses see/hear/smell/touch/taste

man vs wild

he must eat a larva to survive
he chews it
he looks as if he will vomit
he has a difficult time swallowing it.
when he chews , the larva’s insides/guts squirt out of his mouth.

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