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Etude de nouvelle Ray Bradbury B) questions

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Constituer trois groupes.

All summer in a day


1)      The title: what kind of story do you think it is? Imagine what it is about.

2)      Where does the scene take place?

3)      Who is Margot?

4)      Give two lexical fields, and give five words for each.

5)      What’s going to happen next? Make assumptions.


1)      What can you say about Margot? How is she described? Give three adjectives.

2)      How do the others treat her?

Quote 3 sentences/ phrases form the text.

3)      Why don’t they like her? What did the children do in the end of the extract? Why?

4)      Find two words showing how aggressive the boys are.

5)      How is the short story going to end, according to you?

PART three

1)      Pick out the words or expressions referring to noise or absence of noise.

2)      Why did the children have to put their hands to their ears because of silence?

3)      What happened then, how is it described?

4)      Find the words meaning:

–          Making less loud:

–          Very bright, beautiful

–          A sort of plant that you can find in the seas.

–          Looked at

–          Disappeared

5)      Why are the children’s faces “pale and solemn” in the end? Can you guess who Margot is and what happened to her? Make assumptions.

Now the whole class must make a summary of the story

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