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Their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

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Arrival in New York

The first glimpse at the Statue of Liberty

We can see a family in the foreground: there is a man on the right-hand side, a child in the middle, and a woman on the left. They are looking ahead of them, in the same direction: they are looking/gazing at the horizon: they must be immigrants who are having their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. We can’t see their face, but they seem very attentive: they may be admiring the statue and they must feel moved/ impressed/happy. They may have just arrived in New-York.

They can be seen from behind. The small child is pointing at the Statue of Liberty in the background. The Statue is blurred/ in a haze(it’s probably the fog) as if they were little by little discovering their dream. They are turning their backs to Europe and the old world. They are looking forward to the future, to starting a new life in America.

The young boy stands for the future generations who will have a higher standard of living, better prospects. His parents may flee / escape poverty, may emigrate for economic, religious or political reasons. The Statue of Liberty represents a shelter and a hope for the oppressed. These immigrants have not been to Ellis Island yet. We can imagine they will have to stop there before being allowed to go to America.

Look ahead= regarder devant soi

Gaze= look with attention and sometimes admiration

Have their first glimpse= apercevoir pour la première fois

Moved= ému

Blurred= brouillé

In a haze= dans le brouillard

Turn their back to= tourner le dos à

Look forward= attendre avec impatience

Stand for=symbolize

Flee= excape= run away

Shelter= protection

!!!! Expression de l’éventualité:

They must be immigrants (probabilité forte)

They may be admiring= (éventualité, supposition, peut-être que…)

Si la probabilité est faible, ou si l’on ne sait pas vraiment: the scene might take place in the 20’s.

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